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Today, more than ever, innovation is at the heart of a business’ future, but do you know which parts of your business’ innovation are protected, unprotected or no longer need protection?

Protecting every aspect of your intellectual property is a crucial step towards ensuring your future success. However, if your IP is going to generate the highest commercial impact, you need to be able to articulate what IP you have and what that IP does for your business.

Our IP Audit has been designed to do exactly that.

We can help you map your existing IP protection to the list of products and services you currently offer. This simple process will not only confirm you have the right protection in place to achieve your commercial objectives, it will also identify any gaps and any redundant IP rights so you can formulate a more practical, relevant and cost-effective IP strategy.

What will an IP Audit help you to do?

  • Map your existing IP to your products and services
  • Identify any gaps in protection
  • Align your IP strategy with your business plan

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