Patenting Apps

Patenting Apps: Business Method or Technical Innovation?

Tuesday 9th March 2021, 2:00pm (London UK - GMT) 45mins

What will the talk cover?

Apps are a ubiquitous part of modern life. From appliance companion apps that allow you to check in on your washing machine right the way through to Healthtech apps that check in on you, it is clear that apps cover a huge variety of technological areas.

It is an often-expressed view that apps are not patentable in the UK and Europe, but this is not a general rule. While it is true that additional hurdles exist when patenting an app, in some cases this is possible. Identifying these situations is key in avoiding loss of the opportunity to seek a patent covering some aspect of the app and/or its supporting platform.

This webinar will explore the fundamental question to be answered when looking to patent an app: does the app meet the requirements for technicality laid down by the European Patent Office? A particular focus will be placed on the differentiation between a non-technical ‘business method’ innovation and a ‘technical invention’, only the latter of which is patentable.

We will also look at those areas of the app development process where patentable inventions are more likely to be produced and discuss how to include an innovation capture element within your app development program so as not to miss these opportunities.

Who will be speaking?

Sam Jones is a partner at GJE specialising in the patent protection of computer-implemented inventions in Europe. Sam works with a wide range of clients from small start-ups and individual inventors to multinational corporations in the UK and Europe. He drafts and prosecutes European, UK and foreign patent applications, in addition to helping his clients obtain registered design protection.

A large bulk of Sam’s work at GJE involves computer-implemented inventions, many of which encroach upon the borders of patentability. Sam regularly speaks with start-ups that have developed an app as part of their offering and is experienced in identifying patentable aspects of such offerings.

Who are GJE?

Gill Jennings & Every (GJE) are a firm of European Patent, Trade Mark & Design Attorneys. We act throughout the UK and EU – through both our London and Munich offices.

We are recognised as a leading European IP firm by the Financial Times. In addition, we have received five Gold Awards for our work in the following industry sectors: Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals, Electrical Engineering, IT & Software, Materials & Nanotechnology, and Mechanical Engineering; as well as a Silver Award for our work in the Biotechnology and Food industries.

We work with an extensive and varied list of clients - from early-stage start-ups all the way through to global brands, and everyone in-between. 

Clients include Procter and Gamble, producer of many of the UK's most well-known household brands. GJE prosecutes and defends a very active, high-value IP portfolio of currently over 1500 patents and patent applications across 70+ countries for the world’s leading banknote supplier, De La Rue.

Some of our other well-known clients include:

  • MasterCard
  • Hasbro
  • Xerox
  • Micron Technology

Filing a well-prepared patent, trade mark or design registration may be critical to the future of your business. How it is written defines not just your innovation or identity but also the competitive landscape you wish to operate in. But there is more to intellectual property than filing a document. Other things to consider will include the amount of potential or unidentified IP in your business; the level of competition in your industry; licensing the technology to others; and key target markets. GJE’s attorneys consider all these issues and provide solutions to both grow and protect your business.

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